Joseph Part 2: Bury the Lede | Caleb Schut


What is the story of Joseph about? There is a lot going on, but what Joseph realizes in the end is that his life is ultimately a story about God thwarting the devastating effects of a famine. This is a tale about how the Jewish God saved Egyptians lives. God is at work to preserve lives. He still is!

Joseph Part 1: The Hound of Heaven | Caleb Schut

In this homily, Pastor Caleb explores the story of Joseph. Borrowing language from Thomas Kelly, he suggests that God is the Hound of Heaven, in pursuit of Joseph and his brothers even in the midst of their broken family system.

They Need Not Go Away | Bob Reid

Matthew 14:13-21

There is more than enough to go around. In this homily, Pastor Bob explores passages from Isaiah, Romans, and Matthew that show us how to reflect the love of God which is overflowing. In a culture of fear and scarcity, God's people are called to generous love. Are our impulses shaped by the Holy Spirit so that our lives are animated by the idea that there is more than enough love to go around. 

Mountains Singing-Trees Clapping

In this sermon on Romans 8, Pastor Bob explores what kind of joy follows the reality of God's victory over the enemies of human flourishing. The defeat over sin is God's victory. It is out of our hands, and that is great news! Every time we enter into worship we are entering into a celebration that began before the foundation of the earth. The party began a long time ago, and we get to be participants in it!

In Dependence

On July 9th, Pastor Caleb preached on Romans 7 in which Paul talks about the war waging in our hearts between law and grace. Following our July 4th celebrations, what does it mean to be dependent upon Christ while living in a world divided by law and grace? This sermon reflects on the streets of Chicago and how we live as people of grace in the midst of sin and chaos. 

You Alone Are God

In this sermon on Romans 6, Bob considers the power of sin, with a capital S. This sort of Sin convinces us that God is not for us. It leads us to "underestimate what God has done for us in Jesus Christ." The reality is that the one who knows us best is the one who loves us best. Be encouraged!

In On the Joke | Caleb Schut

Abraham and Sarah laugh when God tells them that they will yet have a child. And can you blame them? There is faith in their laughter. There is doubt in their laughter. Pastor Caleb explores the humor of the gospel and a faith that requires laughter. 

Creation | Caleb Schut

Pastor Caleb explores Genesis 1. What does it mean to be created? The creation account in Genesis was a radical story for Israel, it ought to be a radical story for us as well. Often it is a source of argument and disagreement. Instead, it should be the source of a beautiful theology of what it means to be created by a good and loving God. 

Pentecost | Bob Reid

Pastor Bob offers a reflection on what God's Spirit does at Pentecost. God's Spirit invites all of creation into the life of God and magnifies and celebrates the diversity of creation. 

Ascension Sunday | Bob Reid

What does the Ascension mean? Is it relevant that Jesus is raised into the clouds? Pastor Bob suggests that it points to a reality that deeply impacts us. 

God Doesn't Need Anything | Bob Reid

In this sermon, Bob looks at Paul's sermon in Acts 17 to the Greek listeners in the Areopagus. Paul's sermon shows that he has religious skeptics, zealots, and everyone in between. "God desires for us to know...human beings are meant to share in the very life of God, our Creator." 

Stephen's Story | Caleb Schut

In this sermon on Acts 7, Caleb looks at the life of Stephen. Stephen confronts the religious leaders who deny what the Spirit of God is doing in their midst. God's Spirit makes Stephen like Christ in his actions (feeding the hungry), in his courage (facing death), and in his love of the enemy. No one could stop what God was doing. Not the religiously zealous, not those who were sure they were correct, not even Saul, whose cameo in this story foreshadows the amazing things to come.

A Community of Self-Giving Love | Bob Reid

Acts 2:42-47

In this homily, Pastor Bob looks at what makes the community of faith unique. He points out that while they did not regard their possessions as their own, the community does consider one another as their own. They love one another with Christ's love. 

Encountering the Living Christ | Caleb Schut

Caleb preaches out of Luke on the story of the Road to Emmaus. Can Jesus actually be encountered? The early church was convinced that it was possible. The story of Emmaus shows us a few ways in which we might encounter the living Christ.  Caleb suggests 5 ways that we might put ourselves in the path of Christ.  (The audio is bad for the first 20 seconds, but it clears up :) )

Believing Thomas | Caleb Schut

The week following Easter provides us with the story of Doubting Thomas. What a beautiful picture of faith? In this sermon, Pastor Caleb tells the story of doubting Thomas, explores the value and challenge of doubt, and suggests that encounter, rather than proof, is what we ought to seek as Christians. 

God is the Hospitable One | Caleb Schut

Palm Sunday | Matthew 21:1-11

In this sermon, Pastor Caleb tells the story of God's redemptive promise through the language of hospitality. God is the hospitable one, we are wanted and welcome at the table, and we are called to extend that hospitality to the world. 

Leviticus 19 | Caleb Schut

In Leviticus, we are told to be holy, like our God is holy. Leviticus 19 is famous for its commands: love the foreigner in your land, leave food in your fields for the poor, do not favor the rich or the poor. The commands of Leviticus tell us something about God, something about God's people Israel, and something about what the church ought to look like.