Grace kids

Grace Chicago cares deeply about children and the families that are raising them. Our Grace Kids Advisory Team works to ensure that the 50+ children in our our congregation receive the same care, teaching, and attention that the adults receive. The mission of our kid's program is to partner with families to teach the children of Grace Chicago about God's love for them and His redemption of the world through Christ in a safe, age-appropriate, and fun environment.

On Sundays

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  • Kids check in with Jenna at the “Grace Kids” table and get a notepad and a basket of markers to color, draw, or write.

  • Nursery is provided for infants-3yrs old from 9:30am until the end of the worship service.

  • Children go into worship with their parents. They participate in the worship service all the way through communion. We love having kids in the worship service with us. It can sometimes be a little loud or distracting, but we believe that kids who are familiar with the flow of church are more likely to engage with it later in life. We also believe that while they may not understand everything that happens in the service, they are picking up on much more than meets the eye.

  • Children are dismissed for Sunday School after communion. They line up by the wall and are led to age-specific classrooms.

  • Their teacher will lead them through a class that has 4 stages: Gathering, Hearing God’s Word, Responding to God’s Word, and Sending. The kids usually interact with the same scripture that the adult sermon is based around. We hope you’re able to have conversations with your kids after the service since you both studied the same text! (You can

  • Adults can pick their child up from their classrooms after the service.

  • More information about our child protection policy and procedures can be found here.

During the Week

  • Mom's Group meets biweekly during the school year. Childcare is provided during those mornings. Monthly outings are planned during the summer. Contact for more information.

  • Every quarter we have a special event geared towards getting families together. These activities range from free play in the gym to attending an event together.

If you'd like to know more about our children and family programming, you can get in touch with our Grace Kids Advisory Team at