Loving God, Neighbors, Sharing Lives | Bob Reid

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Paul's letter to the Thessalonians is one of the Paul's earliest writings. He refers to himself as a wet nurse, and paints a picture of leadership and authority that causes us to do a double take. In this homily, Bob suggests that the Gospel rearranges the furniture of our minds. It challenges our approach to power and forces us to examine how we love God, others, and live sacrificially in community with one another. 

The Glory and Honor of the Nations | Bob Reid

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In this homily, Pastor Bob looks at Revelation and the broad sweeping salvation that comes through Christ. The text talks about the glory of God, which is tied intractably to the flourishing and glory of human beings. This homily explores the maxim from the Early Church Father, Irenaeus, "The glory of God is a human being fully alive."

When we worship with Jesus, he interrupts the stories that we settle for, that diminish our humanity and he reminds us that we are made to be glorious and to do glorious things.
— Pastor Bob

Worship Transforms Us, Part 2 | Bob Reid

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In Romans 12, Paul lists a set of moral imperatives, which at first seem daunting and may even cause anxiety. Pastor Bob makes the argument that these commands are invitations that come from God and can be lived into only as gifts of God. They are Life Giving! In worship, God does the work of making us more Christ-like.