Encountering the Living Christ | Caleb Schut

Caleb preaches out of Luke on the story of the Road to Emmaus. Can Jesus actually be encountered? The early church was convinced that it was possible. The story of Emmaus shows us a few ways in which we might encounter the living Christ.  Caleb suggests 5 ways that we might put ourselves in the path of Christ.  (The audio is bad for the first 20 seconds, but it clears up :) )

Christmas Homily | Caleb Schut

In this Christmas homily, Pastor Caleb reflects on the world into which Jesus was born. Caesar Augustus was the "son of god" who brought peace into a world that worships and deifies power and authority. Jesus enters as God, not in order to win Caesar's game, but in order to turn the entire world on its head in order to save it.