Asking the Wrong Questions | Caleb Schut

In this emotional homily, Caleb explores a passage in Luke where the crowd is asking if deaths in the news were the punishment of God. Jesus makes it clear that the crowd is asking the wrong questions. In the wake of the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the questions of the crowd are relevant and moving. Jesus response to their questions is equally moving.

Godlike Forgiveness | Bob Reid

Bob explores the beatitudes in Luke and explores how power functions in these texts. What does it mean to have power and wield influence according to the Gospel of Jesus?

Luke's beatitudes are a challenge to how we perceive power and privilege. In this homily, Bob shares how Jesus' challenge to his crowd is relevant in the world today. He talks about the temptation to use and abuse power and contribute to problems like toxic masculinity. 

The Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting | Caleb Schut

What does it mean to believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting? What exactly do we believe about resurrection and does it make any difference for how we live our lives? This sermon is an honest interaction with some of the most basic questions that the church has asked throughout its history.

The Beloved | Fred Harrell

Guest preacher Fred Harrell joins Grace Chicago from City Church San Francisco. His homily explored the difference between worshipping Jesus and following Jesus and how the latter is more difficult and is what the weary world needs most.

Christ in the Ordinary | Caleb Schut

The Magi remind us that while we might expect to find glory, purpose, and honor in the palace, God is actually found in the ordinary, mundane, and routine. This year, may we seek to find God in the ordinary and expect Christ to show up in our routine lives.

Caleb closes with a reflection on New Year's Resolutions.

Beginning to Breathe Again | Caleb Schut

Mary must be terrified on her journey to Elizabeth's house. How will she explain her situation to her distant aunt? Who would believe her incredible story? Elizabeth, prompted by God's Spirit, sees Mary, acknowledges her, and asks for no explanations. Mary experiences the gracious hospitality and welcome of Elizabeth. We can all follow Elizabeth's witness and imitate the generosity that Elizabeth displays.

On Being Alert | Bob Reid

In this first Sunday of Advent, we think about Hope. The text from Luke this week is a terrifying description of the end of days. What does all the imagery of Jesus mean? What does it mean in 2018? Bob explores where hope is found, which is not in earthly circumstances. Hope is not bound to what we can see, but is found in what we may not see.

Trusting in Jesus' Words | Bob Reid

Following the trajectory of our text from Mark, we might ask, what should we not hold onto? What have we trusted in too much, which will inevitably crumble? Jesus challenges some of the disciples most dearly held convictions and urges them to trust in him. He often challenges us in the same way.

Neighborly Love | Aaron Kuecker

Who is my neighbor? In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus paints a bloody and vivid picture of what neighbor love looks like. He resists the categories that his audience would have expected and wanted. In this homily, Rev. Aaron Kuecker explores the popular parable and suggests that we should perhaps view "neighbor" as a verb rather than a category.