The Lord is my Shepherd | Bob Reid

In this homily, Bob ties Psalm 23 to a passage in Acts 9 wherein Tabitha is raised from the dead. Tabitha is a leader in the church. God provides miraculously for the provision of the church by raising her from the dead. God provides a way forward for the community of faith throughout time.

A Small Act of Resurrection

Has Easter really happened? In this homily, Caleb explores the response of the disciples to Jesus and tells a story of resurrection hope.

God Raised Him on the Third Day | Bob Reid

Bob explores the resurrection by looking at the impact it had on his closest followers. Primarily, Bob notes how the resurrection was the first fruits of God's extravagant love that does not show partiality.

The Whole House Smelled Like Perfume | Bob Reid

Mary breaks open a jar of expensive perfume on Jesus fit and the entire house is filled with the scent. Bob explores this story from John which features one of the most poignant and beautiful images of Christian worship.

The Narrow Door | Caleb Schut

Caleb picks up in Luke 13 where a man asks, “will only a few be saved?” Jesus answer includes a narrow door and has been quoted and misunderstood by so many.

Asking the Wrong Questions | Caleb Schut

In this emotional homily, Caleb explores a passage in Luke where the crowd is asking if deaths in the news were the punishment of God. Jesus makes it clear that the crowd is asking the wrong questions. In the wake of the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the questions of the crowd are relevant and moving. Jesus response to their questions is equally moving.